Now that the iPhone 4S has been out for a few months, it’s time to look forward and speculate about this year’s model. While the rumors will fly till the day of release, there are some things we want to see on the next model.

1. Bigger Screen: All the elite smartphones have bigger screens than the iPhone 4S. While the iPhone’s screen has remind unchanged since it’s release (3.5 inches), Android phones (and a couple Windows phones) have screens ranging from 4 inches to 4.5 inches. The bigger screen makes it easier to type, read, watch videos, and simply do everything better. I believe a 4 inch screen would be a good upgrade but not too big for people with smaller hands.

2. 4G Connectivity. Verizon’s 4G network has been rolling out since 2011 and has a nice spread across the country and is constantly growing. AT&T is focusing on expanding their’s this year and again, most of the top Android phones have 4G. Another iPhone with only 3G would be a massive letdown and could stop people from buying one.

3. Improved Siri functionality. Siri is off to a great start and has its uses but it’s still in the beta stages. It has the potential to do just about whatever. Hackers have used Siri to adjust home thermostat’s, start car engines, and more. Other uses could be garage opener, control of house lights, and TV remote. Also, it still needs improvement on the phone itself such as opening apps, background noise cancellation, and etc. It would be great to see these potential uses come standard from Apple and not only available on the iPhone 5 but also for current 4S users through a software upgrade.

4. Better front facing camera. The VGA camera used mainly for video chat (and the occasional self-portrait) needs an upgrade: megapixels, lens, filters, all around need to be upgraded. Other smartphones have better front facing cameras so it’s time Apple stepped it up also.

5. Bigger storage. Let’s face it. Apple isn’t going to allow a memory card slot for expanded storage like a lot of smartphone manufacture’s do. So they need to make a 64GB phone, if not bigger. With more and more people buying videos and their iTunes library growing since the release of the originally iPod in 2001, we need more memory. 16GB is barely enough room for someone with a small-moderate music library (not including apps, photos, and videos) so it’s time for bigger memory.

So that’s my take on what the next iPhone needs. Please sound off in the comments below as to what you would like to see on the next model (no Android vs. iOS please ;)).