Recently social media networks Path and Twitter have been in trouble for their privacy issues. Both sites apparently were uploading user’s contact book information to their servers without their knowledge, in order to help them find new friends and network better with one another. Facebook has been in and out of the news over the years for their privacy issues and are constantly changing them. But frankly this is all old news and I say so because this is social media we’re talking about. Enough is enough.

Social media networks are not meant to be a private affair. The goal is network with your friends and family, coworkers, colleagues, and etc. Nothing about it is private. If you post something online, it never truly goes away; someone can always access or find it. When a person chooses to sign up with Facebook, Path, and etc. you should just except a lack of privacy. Yes, uploading our contact information to their servers is wrong but it’s there in the fine print, we just don’t always choose to read it. When the pop-up asks you if it can access your personal information, anything is game.

Keep in mind, social networks aren’t trying to use your personal information or contact book info for some evil plan. They are just trying to help you find people on their site and make it easier for you to use. As users we can argue that these sites change their policies too often for us to keep up and even if it is true, there isn’t anything we can do about it (short of not using the site all together). So remember, social media sites can and probably will access your information at some point in time, it just comes with the territory.