Read a tweet today about somebody making their own bucket list and it reminded me of The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson. So naturally I decided to create my own. Granted this is a first draft and changes/additions will be made but I do hope it is something I can stick with and accomplish over the years to come.

(These are in no particular order; simply as they come to mind)

1. Skydiving

2. Bungee Jumping

3. Ride a motorcycle

4. Visit Hawaii

5. Visit Alaska

6. Visit New York City

7. Travel overseas

8. Participate in at least one mission trip per year

9. Participate in at least one major physical activity event per year

10. Coach basketball on some level, no matter how small

11. Find a good business idea & run with it (own my own business)

12. Invent my own iphone/ipad app

13. Own a jet ski/waverunner

14. Go snowboarding

15. Perhaps, just perhaps, learn to play the electric guitar

16. Learn to Tango & do the Waltz

17. Go snorkeling

18. Swim with sharks

19. Go on a helicopter ride

20. Visit the Grand Canyon

21. Ride the largest roller coasters in America

22. Go whale-watching

23. Go on a Safari in Africa

24. Visit Niagara Falls

25. Travel to Australia/Visit the Sydney Opera House/Meet a kangaroo

26. Race a cheetah 😉

27. See Mount Rushmore

28. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

29. Visit the original Starbucks in Seattle

30. Travel to all 50 states

31. Become very, very good at playing pool

32. Start a collection of either classic lunch boxes or coffee mugs

33. Extend my collection of Fossil watches

34. Meet my two favorite bands in person, Breaking Benjamin & Sick Puppies


For now, this is my list. I will add to it overtime as I think of other interests or come across them. Leave your comments below to let me know if you share any of the same interests!