Well eh, it’s been almost two years since I blogged and how I have missed it! Not sure what happened but I guess the time got away from me. For a quick little update (although this is info most people know by now), I have graduated from SHSU (Eat ’em up Kats!) and moved back to Big-D. How I’ve missed thee! It feels great to be back in my hometown (well what I consider my hometown) and be among family and old friends.

Unfortunately the job search has been bleak at best. I do have a job working security (full time) at the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind but obviously this doesn’t have career aspects to it. But it pays the bills for now and I’m also pitching in @ St. Marks with their extended day program in the afternoons so for now I am ok. But I will continue to search for something bigger and better. For those wondering, I am still keeping law enforcement in my scope but no departments in the DFW area are hiring right now and most likely won’t until beginning of next year. I’m also looking into private investigation work and whatever comes across my inbox. But I am good for now and should be moving into my own apartment hopefully in September, October at the latest.

I will try to blog more now because I do enjoy it and posts from here on out will consists of more random topics such as book reviews, music, tech gadgets, and etc. Whatever interests me or I am currently diving into, I will try to blog about.

I will leave you with a quote from a book I am currently reading: “How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.” – Benjamin Disraeli